Burnham Jubilee bunting ban lifted by council

Bunting can be strung from the lamp-posts in the high street of a Somerset town, the county council has said.

Burnham Chamber of Trade and Commerce said on Thursday the authority had refused permission for it to hang the decorations from lamp-posts.

The council said on Thursday a lamp-post fell and killed a child in London last year and it wanted to to avoid a similar tragedy in Somerset.

But on Friday it insisted there had never been a ban on using lamp-posts.

The Chamber of Trade has welcomed the statement as “fantastic news”.

Secretary of the chamber of trade, Jonathan Walter, said: “I’m really glad the bunting can go up and we can go on preparing for our celebrations – the bunting will be put up next weekend in time for the Jubilee.”

A spokesman for the county council said: “An engineer has met the Chamber of Trade and agreed that bunting can be fixed to the lamp-posts.

“We are happy for bunting to go up across the county for any occasion, but organisers should always contact Somerset Highways first if they want to attach it to our property.”

Source: BBC News

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