Should I hire or buy my bunting?

Tickety Boo Bunting hires and sells bunting.  The decision is yours to decide which option suits you best.

Our hired bunting comes in generous 12 meter length strings which is suitable  for both larger and smaller venues.  The flag size is 9’ x 11.5’, with 6’ gaps and is large enough to not overwhelm a venue, and yet not too small, which could result in being ‘lost’ in a large space.

Some of our hire designs are available to buy, so if you need a lot of bunting and would rather hire, yet still want a ‘keepsake’ of your special event, you have this option on some of the designs.

I want to buy my own bunting, how long will it take for delivery?

All purchased bunting is made to order.  We aim to make up orders within 10 working days, although larger orders or customised bunting may take longer, in which case we will advise you of how long it will take.  If you need an item by a specific date, we will do our best to meet it.

How much bunting do I need?

This all depends on the size of your room/area or venue and how you would like to hang your bunting.  Please see Popular ways to hang bunting.  If you are hiring a venue or marquee, ask your venue event manager or marquee supplier if they know how much bunting you need…it’s worth asking the question before your start any of your own calculations. If they do not, then you will need the marquee/venue/room measures:  length, width and ideally the height.   These measurements, together with your ‘hanging style’, allow you to calculate how much bunting you will need per meter/feet.  It is important to allow an extra 10-15% (1-2m) for the bunting sag allowance and also an extra 10% for chandeliers.

Please see our Bunting measuring up guide.  This may help assist you with how much bunting you need.  Tip: If you still come ‘unstuck’, then one of the simplest  methods is to just get a ball of string and hang  it where you want to hang the bunting,  and then measure the string!

How do I book bunting to hire?

You can either contact us by telephone, email or complete our Enquiry Form  under Contact Us.  We will need your details and requirements, including the event date, preferred design(s), quantity required/or venues measurements and we will check availability for your event.

Once you decide to book, we will email you a BOOKING FORM, which you need to complete, sign and date and return to us, with your chosen payment option.

How soon do I need to book bunting to hire?

We recommend you book as early as possible and it is a strictly ‘first come, first served’ policy.  We only ‘hold’ bookings for a period of 5 working days from the date of sending out the booking forms.  We will re-release the bunting for other bookings if we do not hear from your during this period.

How do I hang the bunting?

For hired bunting, we provide short lengths of white tape to tie the bunting to poles, walls, beams etc.  If you run out, please use white string or white cotton bias tape and tie the bunting to the object.  PLEASE DO NOT use sticky tape, staples, glue, bluetack or any sticky or coloured adhesive tapes as they mark or damage the bunting, which will result in the loss of deposit.

For purchased bunting, you will be able to hang your bunting using the loops at each end of the bunting string for ease of attaching. Please note: we do not accept responsibility of any damage you cause to your bunting through your own hanging methods, so please do take care, and enjoy using your bunting over and over again.

Bunting hire deposit – how do I get my deposit back?

As long as our bunting is returned to us in the condition it was received e.g. clean, unmarked, undamaged, correctly packed and on the agreed return date, your deposit will be return to you. Once the bunting has been checked by us and is in satisfactory condition, the deposit will be fully refundable.

How will my hired bunting be delivered and when?

Hired bunting is delivered by a reliable, nationwide courier service. The hire duration is for 4 days and bunting is usually delivered on a Thursday.  The bunting will be delivered to the address you supply us with and will require signature.

How do I return my hired bunting?

You pack the bunting in its original box, using the labels/packaging supplied, ready for the collection.  The bunting will be re-collected by our courier on the Monday. You just need to ensure either yourself or someone is available for the re-collection.

How do you accept payment?

We accept payment by Direct Bank Transfer (BACS), via PayPal or cheque.  If you wish to pay by Direct Bank Transfer, please contact us, our bank sort code and account number will be included on your pro-forma invoice.  You can also pay on-line with credit or debit cards through PayPal’s secure system.  If you prefer to pay by cheque, please make your cheque payable to ‘Tickety Boo Bunting’ and send to: 63 Templemore Drive, Great Barr, Birmingham B43 5HF.  We also ask that you  confirm if you wish to pay be cheque as they must clear before bunting can be dispatched for delvery..

Further Questions

If you have any other questions, please Contact Us or see T&C’s for more information.