Mini Union Jack Bunting

A miniature and shabby chic look to Union Jack bunting.  These lovely shorter length strings of bunting are great for inside the home and especially children’s rooms.  Made with a smaller size pennant, so not to overpower a room, they will add proud British patriotic style anywhere. Made with beige coloured bias tape to add to the shabby chic look!

The bunting comes 2 metre, 3 metre & 4 metre strings:

The pennants are approximately 18cm x 22cm (7” x 8.5”), with 4cm (2”) gaps between the pennants and 25 cm (10”) at each end.

2m bunting has 11 pennants; 3m bunting has 15 pennants; 4m bunting has 19 pennants.

The individual pennants are double sided light weight fabric and sewn onto quality beige coloured bias tape, pressed, with a visible seam for a stylish finish and loops at each end for hanging.

Mini Union Jack
2 metre

Mini Union Jack
3 metre

Mini Union Jack
4 metre